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The latest version, v18.3.0 of InstaUp APK, is an advancement in Instagram that helps you gain free followers, likes, and comments for your official profile on the app. Have you ever considered how the InstaUp app used to be in the past? I am asking because many people still crave its old versions.

You may be curious about why someone would prefer an older version of Instagram. Well, some people usually don’t find themselves familiar with the changes, innovations, and different Instaup, and ultimately, they demand for old version that is quite familiar to their taste. 

For them, we have covered all the existing articles on InstaUp in the section below. So, if you are curious about InstaUp APK’s old versions and how to access them, read on.


Why Some Users Seek InstaUp Old Versions 

You might wonder why some folks are interested in getting the older versions of Instagram. Well, let’s break it down:


The old versions of InstaUp are easy to use and simple to understand as compared to its latest version. Some users prefer the old Instagram because it has fewer distractions. You can gain followers and collect coins with only a few steps, no fuss.


Sometimes, people get nostalgic for things that remind them of good times. This would be the main reason users ask for all old versions.


People tend to prefer what they are familiar with, and older versions give them a sense of comfort and familiarity. There are clear distinctions some people are attracted to, so we prepare our minds to cover all old versions.

So, when people go searching for old Instagram versions, it’s often because they want to relive the simplicity, feel the nostalgia, stick with what’s familiar, or avoid feeling overwhelmed. But remember, it’s important to do this safely and within the rules, which we’ll explain later.

Some Recent Versions

How to Safely Download Old InstaUp APKs

Now, you must be excited to download any of these versions to regain the ease you are used to. Below, I will help you know the easiest way to install InstaUp old versions. 

  • First, visit our website and find your desired version.
  • Now, check your device settings.
  • Allow permission to download the unknown devices.
  • Back to our site.
  • Click the download link above.
  • The download will finish in just a few seconds.
  • Check for the downloaded APK on the file manager.
  • Here, tap the file to start.
  • Once a bit of time passes, you’re all set to use your beloved Instaup APK version.


No, the Google Play Store only offers the latest versions of apps.

Yes, there is no risk in using them.


For some, it’s natural to look back and cherish the simpler things, especially when it comes to Instaup old versions. This is why we have compiled all the versions for your ease. Download any of it carefully and give a power boost to your Instagram engagement. Happy exploring!

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