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InstaUp for iOS 18.3.0 ,  Get the Latest Version for iPhone for Free

Recently, InstaUp APK has been hyped among netizens for its augment that adds to the Instagram followers. Firstly, it was launched for Android users alone, but later, iOS users also demanded the latest version so they could also enjoy the premium perks. We worked hard to provide all the features that you deserve on your iPhone and now you can enjoy Instaup for iOS as well.

Now, you can also download InstaUp on any Apple device, but it is a bit risky. After installation, you will have high access to boost your followers and interactions. We promise to deliver our users the best services that we hold. Earn coins and engage on Insta Up account that will ultimately help your original account to become a star. 

Below, I have gathered all your desired information for the latest version of Insta Up V18.3.0 for your iOS device. So, keep your eyes peeled and read on to explore how you can make the most of it.

How to Download Insta Pro for iOS?

After knowing so many exciting features of a moderate app, everyone must be in a hurry to know the method to download. Well, before you download it on iPhone, there are some safety measures that must be followed. 

Safety Precautions

  • It may end up with the suspension of your account, so it is must to make a backup of your chats and other data.
  • You must be cautious about sharing your personal details to avoid any potential risks. 
  • We all know this pro app is not available on Playstore, so it might contain glitches at some moments.
  • Load time may increase, resulting in the slow speed of the app, so a good internet connection is a must.

I have mentioned some of the important points, so let’s hope smoothly to the method of download and installation goes smoothly.

  • First of all, go to your Apple device’s mobile settings.
  • Allow all the unknown sources to download.
  • Jump back to our trusted site.
  • On the top, you can see the download button.
  • Click it to proceed with downloading. 
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes, and then go to the file manager.
  • Install the IPK file, and there you go.
  • Just open the app and feel the essence of unlimited followers. 

It is important to note that our site is the most trusted source of the InstaUp APP for iOS. You can download it without hesitation to give a boost to your already existing Instagram profile.

Features of InstaUp for iOS

Once you download the app, it will feel like you have found the lost treasure of pirates. It will make you the king as you can do whatever you want. Below, I will mention all the electrifying features of it one by one. 

  • Firstly, your followers will be uplifted. You can increase them until you become the star of the Instagram world. So, it gives you unlimited features. 
  • Then, Instagram engagement is in your hands. Enjoy unlimited likes, shares, and comments with just the proper use of the app.
  • InstaUp is a secure app for your iOS device. It is completely concerned with your privacy and personal details.
  • The interface we have provided is so smooth and easy to understand. You can easily open it to enjoy the premium perks it offers.
  • My favorite feature is that this app is cost-free. You don’t have to pay a single dime for unlimited followers.

You must be curious about the last feature; if I don’t have to pay anything, how will I get unlimited followers?

Solving your query, the answer is that there are in-app currencies in InstaUp named “Coins.” First, you collect them by engaging in various activities, and when you have enough, then you enter the profile that demands a boost. Lastly, you select the service ( unlimited followers, likes, comments) in return for the coins. 


So far, the latest version is v18.3.0

Yes, this is completely safe and tested. 

Nothing, it is completely free of cost.


As our article has come to an end, let’s conclude it. Just like InstaUp on PC, InstaUp for iOS version has launched the latest V18.3.0 version, where you can have all the premium features for free. It includes unlimited followers, unlimited likes, unlimited comments, and overall engagement. You need coins to earn all these. Well, overall, the interface of the app is clean and understandable. If you love these features, then make the download on the spot. 

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